Sustainable Reserach Data Collection for ICH Safeguarding in the Asia-Pacific Region (FY2019-2021)

This project aims to solve the challenges of research data collection identified in the “Mapping Studies on the Safeguarding of ICH” project and to establish a sustainable means of collecting information to further enrich IRCI’s reserach database. Currently, the national counterparts in each Southeast Asian country are playing a central role in collecting information, together with their national collaborators. In FY2019, six universities and research institutions from six countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam) participated as national counterparts; in FY2020, a total of 11 institutions had participated in the activities. In addition, international meetings and workshops inviting young researchers have been held to discuss issues of data collection and future plans. The collected data is published in IRCI’s research database.

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