Documentation of ICH as a Tool for Community-led Safeguarding Activities (FY 2012 – FY 2014)

Audio-visual documentation of ICH is crucial for restoring and reviving ICH that is in danger of disappearing. To ensure the continued transmission of ICH, it is extremely important for the practitioners involved to be aware of and identify endangered elements of ICH, and then to lead the effort to document them, and plan their documentation with a view to utilising that record.

Based on this concept, IRCI implemented the project from FY 2012 to FY 2014. This project was created to propose concrete and detailed guidelines that included how to document ICH. In the next step, to verify that the guidelines are of practical use to communities, practitioners of ICH from six communities in five countries were enlisted to look at elements of their communities’ ICH currently endangered. They were asked to discuss within the community the best plans for having the practitioners of the community lead efforts to film the parts that were endangered as well as the elements of ICH itself, and how to utilise the recorded footage. Eventually, IRCI held discussions again with practitioners of ICH and researchers concerning plans to utilise documentary footage, and the outcomes of those discussions were compiled in 2016 as a case study.

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