UPCOMING! International Conference: New Frontiers of Research for Safeguarding ICH (3 days in February 2025 in Osaka, Japan)


Asia-Pacific Research Forum for ICH Safeguarding
International Conference

New Frontiers of Research for Safeguarding ICH

3 Days | February 2025 | Osaka, Japan


The International Research Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region (IRCI) is organizing an international conference, New Frontiers of Research for Safeguarding ICH, in February 2025. The conference aims to highlight and further develop the important research work that contributes to the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage (ICH), while providing an interactive space for in-depth discussion, face-to-face interaction and expansion of a network among researchers, research institutions and experts in the field of ICH in the Asia-Pacific region.

The conference invites both paper and panel proposals from researchers actively working on ICH in the Asia-Pacific region. We welcome A WIDE RANGE OF TOPICS reflecting APPROACHES and METHODOLOGIES in ICH research and safeguarding, as well as emerging issues and challenges for ICH in the region. Topics include, but are not limited to:

– economic development,
– emergencies (disasters, conflicts, and epidemics),
– gender issues,
– migration (displacement, relocation and diaspora),

and many others relating to ICH.

Critical but constructive views and suggestions from researchers working outside the framework of the 2003 UNESCO Convention are also welcome.

Papers presented at the conference will eventually be published as a monograph.

Funding will be available for a limited number of participants. Interested applicants who do not require funding are most welcome. 

The official call for papers and panels will open in May 2024.

You have several months to prepare for your submission. We look forward to receiving many submissions from a wide range of ICH researchers!   

◆How to apply

Interested applicants must submit the following:

For an individual paper:
      – Title and abstract (500 words)
      – Short profile

For a panel proposal:
      – Panel title and abstract
      – Names and short profiles of the chair and panelists (a maximum of 4) along with their paper titles and abstracts (500 words)

Detailed information on the conference and submission guidelines will be announced when the official call for papers and panels opens. Please visit and follow the IRCI website and the Research Forum Facebook Group for updates.

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Research Forum Facebook Group 

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