Research database renewal

IRCI has released a database that provides information of documents, researchers and experts and institutions related to the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage (hereafter ICH) in the Asia-Pacific region since 2014. It aims at sharing the outcome of research on the safeguarding of ICH and promoting to effectively safeguard ICH.
Based on the opinions and advice from users and experts, the database has been improved aiming at more user-friendly interface and providing information that is utilised by users in various fields.
In addition, a pilot database was established in cooperation with the Anthropology Department in University of Yangon, Myanmar. Myanmar was chosen because it is one of the countries that has extensive research materials but such research materials have not been widely shared among others. From the pilot database, such valuable theses in University of Yangon come to be directly accessed by the IRCI research database. The IRCI research database will be further improved by reflecting results of the pilot database.

The IRCI research database can be accessed from

  • The pilot database can be accessed from the "Myanmar" button in the IRCI research database.

  • Myanmar Research database