SDGs (Education) and ICH Project – Guidelines Published

IRCI has implemented the project under two-year research project of ICH’s contribution towards SDGs from FY2018 to FY2019 which incorporates intangible cultural heritage (ICH) into education.

In FY 2018, non-formal education in the Philippines and formal education in Viet Nam were targeted and guidelines which introduced ICH into the field of education were created.
In FY 2019, the guidelines were examined in actual classroom settings. The guidelines were revised and published based on the monitoring in each country by experts and the discussion at the international workshop held in Tokyo.

The project report including overall evaluation of the 2-year project by IRCI can be downloaded from our website.

The guidelines are available for download if you click the cover image below.

  • Guidelines for formal education in Viet Nam (Vietnamese)(the second edition)

  • Guidelines for non-formal education in the Philippines(Eglish)(the second edition)