Reconnaissance Survey in Viet Nam for IRCI’s project on natural disasters

Meeting at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

IRCI’s research team comprised of Yoko Nojima (Associate Fellow, IRCI) and Hiromichi Kubota (Head of Intangible Cultural Properties Section, Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties) visited Viet Nam during 14-20 December 2016 for its new project “Preliminary Research on ICH Safeguarding and Disaster-Risk Management in the Asia-Pacific Region.”

The team had a series of meetings in Ha Noi, Hue, and Hoi An, with related research institutions and researchers that were active in the fields of disaster-risk management and cultural heritage, to learn about the current situation of disaster-risk management in Viet Nam and the place of ICH in this context. IRCI’s project activities in Viet Nam were highly productive and successful, with all research institutes and universities expressing great interest in the project and being cooperative in sharing information.

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