IRCI visited Indonesia (5–17 January 2023)

IRCI is currently conducting field research in seven countries in the Asia-Pacific region for the Research on ICH Safeguarding and Disaster Risk Management project (FY2020–2023). As part of this research activity, Ms OKABE Masami, Associate Fellow of IRCI, visited Indonesia from January 5 to 17, 2023 to monitor the progress of field research and to exchange ideas for further project activities.

RedR, which is an NGO focuses on in Yogyakarta Special Region in central Java and IRCI’s collaborator, has been investigating how to utilize intangible cultural heritage (ICH) for disaster risk reduction. The research focuses on two performing arts groups; a group of performers that a perform popular theatrical play called ketprak as well as traditional songs and shadow plays, and another group for children. Both groups are in Bantul District, which was severely damaged by the 2006 Central Java Earthquake.

Ms Okabe visited the RedR office, to discuss with Mr Benny Usdianto the representative of RedR and staff members, on the progress of their research activities and the future plan. Ms Okabe also visited the above two groups to interview about their situation and daily activities.

Both groups respect Gotong Royong, a traditional Indonesian concept of mutual assistance, and RedR aims to utilize this custom in their action plans for disaster risk reduction.

During her stay in Indonesia, Ms okabe also visited Ms Mahirta of Gadjah Mada University, who has a long cooperative relationship with IRCI, and has currently been participating in IRCI’s project ‘Research on ICH Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic’ (FY 2021-2023). While updating Ms Okabe with the progress of her research for this project, she expressed her willingness to strengthen her cooperative relationship with IRCI. Ms Okabe had an opportunity to visit a batik studio, where Ms Mahirta conducted research for the above project, to observe the situation of batik production.

  • Visiting Ms Mahirta's office

  • Meeting at the RedR office