The sixth online seminar for safeguarding ICH in the Asia-Pacific region was held on 22 January 2024

The online seminar series for safeguarding ICH in the Asia-Pacific region, launched in FY 2022 to discuss various issues and the latest trends in ICH research in the Asia-Pacific region, offered its sixth seminar on 22 January 2024.
At the sixth seminar, Ms ANG Ming Chee (General Manager of George Town World Heritage Incorporated [GTWHI], Malaysia) gave a comprehensive lecture entitled ‘Synergizing Cultural Heritage in the Multicultural Urban Context of George Town’ and introduced the efforts of GTWHI as the site manager of the World Heritage city. She highlighted the importance of employing a community-based approach and making heritage available, accessible, and affordable. She also identified the necessity and challenges in the holistic management of historic urban landscape (tangible) and multicultural community engagement (intangible), which are safeguarded under different norms in separate conventions.
Recording of the seminar will be made available soon on IRCI’s official YouTube channel.

Online seminars will continue in FY 2024. Further information on the next seminar will be posted on the IRCI website and official Facebook page, and the Facebook Group of the Asia-Pacific Research Forum for ICH Safeguarding.
Please feel free to contact IRCI ( for any questions, suggestions, or proposals concerning future seminars.

  • During the presentation by Ms ANG Ming Chee

  • Closing of the sixth online seminar