Research on ICH Contributing to SDGs: Intangible Cultural Heritage for Sustainable Cities and Communities (FY 2022–2024)  

Although the target 11.4 of SDGs states that strengthening the safeguarding of cultural and natural heritage leads to sustainable cities and communities, cultural heritage in this context is often regarded as tangible heritage. However, traditional knowledge and cultural practices that have been held over generations by the community also play an important role in realising sustainable cities and communities.


In this project, IRCI will implement case studies targeting cities and communities in the Asia-Pacific region that have well-known tangible cultural heritage or cultural landscape to investigate the situation of ICH in such places and how it contributes to sustainable cities and communities in cooperation with research institutions and researchers in the region. Through the processes of research, workshops, and symposia, issues related to the integrated safeguarding of tangible and intangible cultural heritage will be also discussed, while promoting activities for sustainable community development. Furthermore, Japanese cases of community development utilising ICH will be shared widely to encourage such efforts.


This project is expected to raise awareness of the importance of ICH among various stakeholders such as government officials and community members in maintaining and transmitting cultural landscapes and lead to developing action plans for the communities to safeguard and utilise their cultural heritage, while advancing discussions on the integrated safeguarding of tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

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