Mapping Studies on the Safeguarding of ICH (FY 2013 – FY 2019)

The mapping project has been implemented since FY 2013 based on the collection and mapping of research information pertaining to ICH safeguarding in the Asia-Pacific region. Aimed at instigating research for ICH safeguarding in the Asia-Pacific region through analysing its current trends and challenges, the mapping project constitutes the core of IRCI’s research activities. To identify the main issues that prevent ICH safeguarding and to find solutions through research activities which experts in the Asia-Pacific region have been conducting, as of 2016, the mapping project has been implemented and managed as an integration of three sub-projects comprised of international symposium/experts meetings, literature surveys, and the optimisation and use of research data with a research database.

International Symposium/Experts Meetings

The following international symposium and experts meetings have been organised since 2013.

Literature Survey

Literature survey has been conducted since 2014.

In total, data of 2097 reference materials, 111 experts, and 111 institutes has been collected thus far. (As of March 2018)


A searchable database of information on relevant literature, experts, institutions and administrative officials involved with the safeguarding of ICH in the Asia-Pacific region has been released since 2014. The database currently contains 2,319 entries, which aim to contribute to building an environment that can serve as the foundations for facilitating research activities and exchanging information. (As of March 2018)