IRCI Researchers Forum on ICH Safeguarding in the Asia-Pacific Region (FY 2017)

In research related to the safeguarding of ICH in the Asia-Pacific region, productive and practical discussions have not yet been well advanced due to limited interactions and communication among researchers. Aiming to create a place for academic discussions on research for ICH safeguarding, and to strengthen a network of researchers and the foundation for ICH safeguarding research, IRCI organisesd an international symposium at the National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) from 29 November to 1 December 2017 in cooperation with Minpaku and the Agency for Cultural Affairs. 

IRCI invited a professor from the University of Ljubljana, who is Vice President of International Council for Traditional Music as the keynote speaker in addition to 12 researchers from 8 different countries as presenters, for the symposium entitled, “Negotiating Intangible Cultural Heritage” which was aimed at discussing the ways in which multiple levels of negotiation between various actors/stakeholders affect the safeguarding of ICH and to discuss the potential for reviving lost or threatened culture in the process of various negotiations regarding ICH.

To disseminate the outcome of the discussion and to instigate ICH safeguarding, report of this symposium including the presenters’ abstracts and PowerPoint slides and summary of general discussions after four sessions has been published in March 2018. Moreover, a collection of essays based on the symposium is expected to be published in 2019 by Minpaku.

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  • Keynote speech by Prof. Svanibor Pettan

  • General discussion among the researchers on the last day of the symposium

  • Participants of the symposium

  • Flyer of the symposium (PDF)