IRCI started the project focusing on conflict-affected countries in Asia

IRCI decided to implement the new project ‘Study of Emergency Protection of ICH in Conflict-Affected Countries in Asia’ to investigate the actual situation of ICH during and after conflict and disasters and to identify what are internal and external factors that jeopardize the viability of ICH through the planned activities, thereby contributing to the revitalization of intangible cultural heritage in the regions. This focus is in conformity with UNESCO’s concerns with mitigating post-conflict and post-disaster (PCPD) situations as described in its Medium-term Strategy 2014-2021 (37C/4). The intensive workshops were organized in March inviting government officials in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka and other experts to discuss the detailed research plan. Workshops were facilitated by IRCI while UNESCO Kabul office participated in the discussion. The detailed outcomes will be coming up in 2019.

  • Workshop on Afghanistan at Meeting room of Tokyo National Museum (7-9 March)

  • Lecture provided by Mr. Toyama Masami, the practitioner of Yuki-tsumugi, a Japanese silk-weaving technique which was inscribed on the UNESCO ICH Representative List in 2010. (14 March)